Thanksgiving with Flowers and Margarons!


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. From the decorations and the food to gathering around the table with family and friends, the vibes of thanksgiving bring all the warm and cozy feelings.

I'm very excited to offer my seasonal pumpkin table centerpieces this Thanksgiving AND I am teaming up with Margaret of W. Margaron to bring you her amazing margarons and for the first time ever, margaron pies!


Customize your flavors

Margaron gift boxes can include any of the following combination of 4 margarons:

  • Pecan Pumpkin
  • Pecan Salted Caramel

Margaron Gift Boxes: $15


Customize your pumpkin

I've been collecting a variety of gorgeous, organically grown pumpkins available in all shades from orange, red, blue, and green. Sizes are variable as well. Let me know what would look best on your Thanksgiving table this year! 

Pumpkin Arrangements: $55

Order a Margaron Pie for the Thanksgiving Table:

-  Apple Almond: almond margaron crust with pomegranate custard and spiced apples
- Pumpkin: pecan margaron crust covered with pumpkin custard and a hazelnut butter swirl


Pricing, Delivery, and Pick up Information

Pumpkin Arrangements: $55*
Margaron Gift Box: $15
Arrangement + Gift Box: $66.50*
Margaron Pies: $42

*All deliveries with flowers will have an additional $5 - $10 charge, depending on location. Orders with flowers may also be picked up for no additional charge. 

Delivery of all orders will be offered Wednesday (11/22) and Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning.

Pick up will be offered on the same days (22nd-23rd). We will have a pick up location in Winters and Davis.

When placing your order please specify:
- Which tems you want and quantity of each
- Your choice of Delivery or Pick up
- Your delivery address, if applicable

Payment must be made prior to delivery.