Bouquet Subscription

  • What is the price? Each bouquet of flowers is just $16. The spring subscription runs for 7 weeks and is $112 total. The summer subscription runs for 14 weeks and is $224 total. Full payment is due prior to pickup.
  • How long does the subscription last? Spring is March - April and Summer is June - August.
  • Where are the drop off locations? Two locations in Davis (East and West), and one in Winters. Addresses are given to you after purchase.
  • What day/time can I pick up my flowers? Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm or later for both Davis and Winters.
  • What if I am out of town and cannot pick up my flowers one of the weeks? The best option is to find a friend who will pick them up and enjoy the flowers. 
  • Will you hold my bouquet if I am out of town and cannot arrange for a friend to pick up? Yes. Please give me at least 3 days advanced notice.
  • Can I have a make-up bouquet if I miss a week? No, unfortunately. 
  • What can I expect when picking up my flowers? The bouquets will all be wrapped in paper and sitting in a bucket of water. Please take yours and leave the rest. 
  • Can I recycle the paper sleeves? YES! The brown paper wrapping is both recyclable and compostable.
  • What is the best home care for flowers? Re-cut the stems when you get home and place the flowers in a clean vase. Make sure to check the water level often and re-fill as necessary. Flowers are thirsty! 
  • How do I pay? Head on over to my SHOP page.

Bunches for Florists & DIY

  • When are flowers available? March - October
  • Do you have an availability list? Unfortunately not at this time due to our many other commitments. Contact us 1-2 weeks prior to your event and we will send you a list of whats available with pictures. 
  • How many stems/bunch? The usual is 10 stems, unless otherwise noted. 
  • What's the difference between Wholesale & Retail pricing? Wholesale pricing is available to florists who have a valid re-sale license. Tax is not applied. Retail pricing, often $3- $5 more/bunch is available to those who do not have a re-sale permit and tax will be applied. 
  • Do you deliver? I can delivery for a $2/mile one way fee. Pick-up from the cooler at the farm in Davis is preferred. 
  • How can I pay? Check or cash is preferred. PayPal and credit card payments will incur a 3% processing fee. 


  • What are your common prices? We have found that full service weddings usually start around 3k. To view our pricing for all floral offerings, contact us, and we'll happily send you our Wedding Ala Carte information packet.
  • Do you have stuff like vases we could rent out? No. We use standard set of glassware which is built into our ala carte pricing. If you would like alternate vessels for your flowers, we can happily arrange for that with a small price increase.
  • What are consultations like? The first 30min consultation is free!  We can meet in person (preferred) or we can talk over the phone or even through Google Hangout. Consultations ideally happen after you've had a chance to review the ala carte information packet and start your order form. We can then dive into the details during our time together.
  • What is your policy with ordering flowers? Flower Mama is committed to using local product and never imports flowers from outside of the US.  Flowers will most likely be from Flower Mama farm and other local growers within a 50 mile radius. Sometimes, flowers will be used from Southern California. 
  • Why won't you import flowers? The pesticides, deforestation, and unfair labor practices are nothing I want to support. There are many hardworking local farmers who grow amazing flowers in the US, and I can find flowers year round grown in California.
  • My favorite flowers are peonies and garden roses. Can I have those? Absolutely! Peonies are available locally for a few weeks in May or they are available to ship from Alaska anytime from July - mid September. Garden Roses ship from Northern or Southern CA and are available from late April - early November. Please note that these extraordinary flowers will command a price increase, but can still be accommodated during these months. 
  • Do you grow all the flowers you use in your wedding work? I try too! I can grow MANY flowers on my micro sized flower farm. Because I like to grow a wide variety of flowers, and can't always predict crop failures, I normally have to source more locally. I am grateful to be a part of a strong network of flower growers and can usually find what I need within 50 miles from me. 
  • Do you deliver? Yes, we can deliver and set-up within 80 miles for $300, and $2/mile thereafter. Pick up from the farm is free.
  • Do you offer take down services? No, we do not. Thus, the vessels full of flowers are yours to take home (or give-a-way to guests).

Other FAQ

  • Can I come visit the farm? On certain dates. The farm is not open to the public, but I do offer tours. Please see my events page for the next available farm tour, or get in touch for a personal one on one consultation. 
  • Do you offer U-pick? No, sorry.
  • Where else can I find your flowers? At The Davis Food Co-op during the beginning of the week. The best way to be in the know of where else to find my flowers is to sign up for my newsletter! Subscribe below.