Bouquet Subscription

  • What is the price? Each bouquet of flowers is just $15. The subscription runs for 14 weeks so it's $210 for weekly flowers. Full payment is due upon pickup of your first bouquet and if you sign up later than May 31st, your subscription will be pro-rated. 
  • How long does the subscription last? Subscriptions start May 31st and go until Aug 30th.
  • Where are the drop off locations? Three locations in Davis- East, West, and Downtown Davis. One location in downtown Winters. The addresses are specified in an email when you order.
  • What day/time can I pick up my flowers? Wednesday evening. 5:30pm or later in Davis. 7:30pm or later for Winters
  • What if I am out of town and cannot pick up my flowers one of the weeks? The best option is to find a friend who will pick them up and enjoy the flowers. 
  • What can I expect when picking up my flowers? The bouquets will all be wrapped in paper and sitting in a bucket of water. Please take yours and leave the rest. 
  • Can I recycle the paper sleeves? YES! The brown paper wrapping is both recyclable and compostable.
  • What is the best home care for flowers? Re-cut the stems when you get home and place the flowers in a clean vase. Make sure to check the water level often and re-fill as necessary. Flowers are thirsty! 
  • How do I pay? PayPal is probably easiest, or you can mail a check to me: Katie Koch at 536 E 8th St. Davis, CA 95616


  • How much are the arrangements? Single arrangements are typically $30 - $50 depending on size and if you have any color or specific flower requests. 
  • What kind of vase do you use? You can specify a mason jar, clear vase, or colored vase. I usually collect vases second hand from thrift stores and such so if your flexible, I will use what's best! I also make arrangements in pumpkins during the fall.
  • Is tax and delivery included? Tax is included and delivery will be added at $1/mile plus my time.
  • Can I pick -up my arrangement? Sure! We can arrange that.
  • How much advanced notice do you need? Please call at least 4 days ahead of the date you would like the arrangement delivered. Arrangement requests without that much advanced notice cannot be guaranteed.
  • Where do you deliver? Any address in Davis, Dixon, Winters, Woodland, and West Sacramento.
  • Do you do holiday arrangements? Yes! 

Buckets or Bunches of Flowers

  • How many stems are in a bucket? It's variable per flower, but generally 50 - 70 stems.
  • When can I get buckets of flowers? Available March - Sept (with the exception of May) only.
  • How much is a bucket of flowers? For Flower Mama flowers - $80
  • How big are the buckets? 2 or 5 gallons. They are the same width, just different height.  Some flowers fit better (like zinnias) in 2 gal buckets. 
  • How much are bunches? That's variable on the flower, but generally a 10 stem bunch is $15 - 30 if I have to purchase it off the farm. .
  • What determines if you can give me a bucket of flowers or bunches of flowers? If you don't have specific color requests, or a very broad color palette, then I recommend getting buckets. If you are specific with your color and flower needs, I may not be able to fill an entire bucket, so therefore, I would sell you those flowers by the bunch.
  • Are greens included? No, unless you want them to be. Greens can make up half of your flower bucket, or I can include a separate bucket of greens for $80.
  • How many vases can I fill with one bucket of flowers? Typically, 5-8 quart sized mason jars can be filled with one bucket of flowers. Depends on how full you want them to be.
  • Do you need the buckets back? The buckets are yours to keep, but if I can pick them up after you're done using them, I would greatly appreciate it!

Other FAQ

  • Do you do weddings? Yes! I am now booking consultations for weddings in 2018. Email me at califlowermama@gmail.com
  • Do you arrange with only flowers you grow? Mostly! I strive to grow everything I use in my arrangements. The Bouquet Subscription flowers are definitely all from Flower Mama, but sometimes brides request specific colors that I may not have enough of. I will then source flowers from other local growers- within 50 miles from me. 
  • Can I come visit the farm? Absolutely! You can arrange a date/time with me to see the farm.
  • Do you offer U-pick? No, sorry.
  • Where can I find your flowers? You can order a bouquet subscription (see above), or find my flowers at occasional festivals and events. The best way to be in the know is to sign up for my newsletter! Subscribe below.