Flower Essence


Flower Essence


It is known that every life form on earth has a soul. In our mainstream society, we have long been disconnected with the souls of other beings, namely plants.

Flower Essences can change that. They can bring us back into harmony and aid us in moving through our own personal challenges. Flowers, specifically, hold the highest possible vibration and each flower has a unique gift, a soul offering of sorts. These essences capture the magic of individual flowers with purified water and are preserved with a high distilled alcohol, usually vodka. Essences are in a mister bottle so that you may choose to mist your space or mist yourself to receive the gifts.

Use as often as you feel is right throughout the day. Take a moment to pause and breath when misting. You may notice positive effects right away, or it may take prolonged use to start noticing the benefits of the essence to your life.

Note that these do not have a scent, they are used purely for their energetic qualities.

Each flower listed has been used by energy practitioners who verify the special purposes. 2oz misters of flower essences are available:

Zinnia (Purple): Heart-centering. Soothing and Comforting. Helps lighten the load of a heavy heart.

Coreopsis: Grounding and aid in releasing tension. Brings suppressed emotions to the surface. Aids in socialization skills, ease in interactions with others, and comfortable in self expression.

Sunflower (Gypsy Charmer): Re-connet with your hearts wisdom. Helps one connect with ease, trust, and gentle clarity. Aids in fostering natural independence.

Didiscus (Blue lace flower): coming soon

Lisianthus (Roseanne Brown): coming soon

Check back here periodically for an updated list of flowers and their purposes.

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