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Protect and nourish your skin with my all natural, homemade, organic sunscreen!

Made with all organic lavender infused olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, red raspberry seed oil, zinc oxide, and beeswax.

The smell is natural, soothing, and earthy. The texture is silky and luxurious- a little bit goes a long way! Once rubbed in, this will not leave your skin oily or pasty white!

I’ve been using this on myself and my son for the past 4 years daily when we’re farming in the full sun and we rarely ever get burned! I love the feel of it, the smell, and how it equally nourishes and protects my skin. Customers have commented the same!

*This product is not FDA approved. Use at your own discretion.

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Store in a cool location. The texture will get a little thinner if it is in a hot environment, due to the melting coconut oil.

If there is still leftover sunscreen after the summer, store in the refrigerator for use next year!