Wedding Prices & Questions



Below is brief list of wedding floral items and our average prices for each. The minimum is stated and price can only go up depending on size and complexity. To inquire about our wedding services, click here.

  • Bridal bouquet $150-225
  • Bridesmaids $95-150
  • Boutonnieres $15-30
  • Arch $300+
  • Aisle Markers $20-45
  • Brass Cuff Corsages $45
  • Flower Crowns $30-45
  • Table Centerpieces $75-200
  • Bud Vases $15-30

Note that Set up and Delivery is an additional charge, and Take down services are not offered.


Do you have stuff like vases we could rent out? Yes! Though not very much yet. I established myself as a florist in early 2016, so I am still building up a collection of fun items. You can let me know what kind of style vases you like, and I will invest in them. Then, I'll rent them out to you. You'll probably never need 25 vases again!

What are consultations like? The first 30min consultation is free!  This will determine if we are a good fit for each other. You should have a general idea of your colors, your flexibility with flowers, and your budget. This can be done over the phone, or in person if you are willing to travel to Davis. After our conversation, I will have an estimate for you within a couple weeks. I require a 25%, non-refundable, down payment to book the date. Then payment in full is expected a month prior to your big day.

What is your policy with ordering flowers? Flower Mama is committed to using local product and never imports flowers from outside of the US.  Flowers will most likely be from Flower Mama farm and other local growers within a 50 mile radius. Sometimes, flowers will be used from Southern California. 

Why won't you import flowers? The pesticides, deforestation, and unfair labor practices are nothing I want to support. There are many hardworking local farmers who grow amazing flowers in the US, and I can find flowers year round grown in California.

My favorite flowers are peonies and garden roses. Can I have those?

Absolutely! Peonies are available locally for a few weeks in May or they are available to ship from Alaska anytime from July - mid September. Garden Roses ship from Northern or Southern CA and are available from late April - early November. Please note that these extraordinary flowers are more expensive than the rest, but can still be accommodated during these months. 

Do you grow all the flowers you use in your wedding work? I try too! I can grow MANY flowers on my micro sized flower farm. Because I like to grow a wide variety of flowers, and can't always predict crop failures, I will have to source locally. I am grateful to be a part of a strong network of flower growers and can usually find what I need within 50 miles from me. 

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To book your free 30 min consultation, click here.